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Alien Encounters – Unnerving, Shocking, Terrifying, Enlightening, are some Terms used in Encounters

Episode 5 – Tales and Reports of Alien Encounters from Across the Globe

For this Episode of Mysteries with a History, Cristina talks about Alien Encounters and gives several accounts and reports of meeting the pilots of the UFOs / UAPs.

A mystery that is seen to be mythical by many; scary and creepy as well as being under-reported by the news media, unwanted by nearly all victims, and any talk of such encounters get joked about by those in positions of authority.

Alien encounters and sightings of UFOs and their occupants represent a strange mystery that has not yet been properly represented by the mainstream media, although recently is getting more serious coverage in the news. The Alien Abduction phenomenon, missing people and missing time lead to questions about encounters with alien entities sometimes before or during a UFO sighting, and the majority of victims not ever considering or believing in aliens or UFOs yet being unwitting victims of repeated terrifying experiences, sometimes involving gruesome medical procedures, during these encounters.

Who or what are these entities seen in alien encounters..?  Are they really Extraterrestrials, or are they from other dimensions? The victims often feel the experience has a semblance of being demonic, but most often terrifying.

On other occasions of these encounters, the abductees are shown what look like hybrids of babies that are a cross between human and alien genetics. In this episode, Cristina will guide you through a selection of the most mysterious and inexplicable tales of alien encounters by regular people, and professionals alike, unexpectedly finding themselves in front of aliens, strange beings, and otherworldly creatures, sometimes in the bedroom, and other times onboard a craft.

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