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Aliens versus Police – What Happens when Law Enforcement becomes Powerless Against the Unknown..?

Episode 4 – Respected Officials such as Pilots and Police have had Their Encounters also.

Aliens versus Police – For this Episode of Mysteries with a History, Cristina talks about instances where Aliens vs Police and other officials; as unlikely as it sounds, what happens when officials such as members of Law Enforcement and commercial airline pilots find themselves encountering the bizarre, the mysterious, and the inexplicable..?

You have career professionals suddenly finding themselves in situations where they have no control, no ability to apply or exercise their law enforcement skills – the world of the Mysterious collides with the World of those in positions of authority. Over the years there have been many documented sightings by members of the police who have seen UFOs and what they claim are bizarre aircraft in the skies around the world.

From the famous UFO sighting by Officer Lonnie Zamora in Socorro New Mexico, to encounters with aliens and other creatures in rural areas, this takes the credibility to a whole other level.

In this episode of Aliens vs Police, Cristina will guide you through a selection of the most mysterious and inexplicable tales of Encounters between Law Enforcement, and Commercial Airline Pilots, meeting UFOs, bizarre creatures, and extraordinary phenomena.

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Join us for future episodes of Mysteries with a History, where we will be covering a wide variety of topics, from unexplained disappearances to UFO sightings, to encounters with bizarre creatures, and so much more that can come under the umbrella of the extraordinary, the strange, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

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