Another UFO Fleet Sighting Causes Driver to Pull Over and Record Objects over Toledo in Spain

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Another UFO Fleet Sighting with Footage of Objects seen in Daylight over Toledo in Spain

Witness Report of Encounter with UFO including Video Recording Evidence

Another UFO Fleet Sighting – This UFO Sighting Video is of another UFO fleet, this time in Toledo, Spain, filmed by YouTuber Fraguas at 10am. The footage is quite shaky so we stabilize & zoom it in second segment, and also translate from Spanish to English. What caught our attention in this particular video are some of the apparent erratic movements of the objects, and their relative speeds. It reminded us of some of the Mexican “Messengers of Destiny” videos that were filmed in the mid to late nineties and featured by Jaime Maussan.

The UFO Sighting Video was recorded by a witness during the early morning over Toledo, Spain. UFO / UAP sightings are on the increase globally, and more serious attention is being given to the mysterious topic of unidentified flying objects in the mainstream news media, especially since the 2017 leaks of US Navy Pilot UFO footage. Nearly everyone carries a cellphone with them in recent years, even in rural areas of third world countries, and as a result more and more UFO sightings videos are being posted to the internet, either through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

Here are the details of this sighting:
CREDIT SOURCE: YouTuber Fraguas
Date of Sighting: 09.04.2020 @ 10.00am

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