UAP Studies Podcast Interview with Cristina Gomez

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UAP Studies Podcast Interview with Cristina Gomez – August 11, 2021

About the UAP Studies Podcast show:
UAP Studies Podcast Interview with Cristina Gomez – UAP Studies is created with the idea of collecting knowledge from the best UFO/UAP Investigators & Researchers, Scientists, Journalists in the world to talk and teach you and me the proper way of handling UAP cases with scientific logic and analytical approach since there are no alternative educative programs. Sightings, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, 5E Contact, and learning everything in between let’s study our situation collectively and without egos or pride. Wherever you live on this rock get off the couch and help out. Its time.

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If you didn’t catch last week’s Episode of Mysteries with a History, it was all about the mystery of The Men in Black covering not only accounts and stories about them, but theories on what they could possibly be. Check it out HERE.

Have you checked out the Shifting the Paradigm Livestream show yet..??  It is a weekly relaxed chat show that focuses on a wide variety of mysterious and otherworldly topics all related to the Mystery of UFOs / UAPs and whether or not they could be the result of alien visitations, or something even stranger. The show will feature guests who are UFO Witnesses, Researchers, Enthusiasts, Journalists, and others who all share a quest for the truth. On certain occasions, the show will feature a panel of guests.

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