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Cristina Gomez joined the Band of Bearded Brothers for an interview  – August 12, 2021

Cristina Gomez was accompanied by Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio for an interesting 2 hour interview show.

About the Band of Bearded Brothers Podcast show:

We are just two brothers with beards who enjoy good conversation, coffee and debating the great mysteries of the world. This includes but is not limited to Politics, Aliens, Reality, Human Control and Manipulation through many outlets.

Are you sure your reality is real, are you sure what you believe to be truth is true? Will we be a multi planet species soon? Will A.I. rule the world in the next ten years? Will we be able to live through our consciousness being downloaded for hundreds of years to come? Are we already part cyborgs and unaware? These among many other things will be discussed with a light hearted and open minded process that focuses on facts when they are available. Obviously with the fringe topics there will be mainly hypotheses and facts where they present themselves. Proceed with caution, you may not be able to handle the truth.

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Have you checked out the Shifting the Paradigm Livestream show yet..??  It is a weekly relaxed chat show that focuses on a wide variety of mysterious and otherworldly topics all related to the Mystery of UFOs / UAPs and whether or not they could be the result of alien visitations, or something even stranger. The show will feature guests who are UFO Witnesses, Researchers, Enthusiasts, Journalists, and others who all share a quest for the truth. On certain occasions, the show will feature a panel of guests.

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35 Views 5 On 1 Rating Rate it