Close Encounters and Landings – The Holloman UFO Landings Mystery

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Close Encounters and Landings – The Holloman Landings Mystery

Episode 14 – Cristina deep dives into the Mystery with a History of the alleged Holloman UFO Landings

Close Encounters and Landings – In this episode, Cristina looks at a historical case where it is alleged, a certain species of aliens nick-named the “hook nosed greys” landed at Holloman Air Force base in 1955. It is even alleged President Eisenhower was involved, and a witness to landings and encounters at the base.

But what is the truth..?? Join Cristina as we look at this fascinating Mystery with a History.
Join Cristina as she looks at this fascinating Mystery with a History.

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Join us for future episodes of Mysteries with a History, where we will be covering a wide variety of topics, from unexplained disappearances to UFO sightings, to encounters with bizarre creatures, and so much more that can come under the umbrella of the extraordinary, the strange, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

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108 Views 5 On 1 Rating Rate it