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Cristina’s Newspaper Article Full Transcript, The Daily Star and UK Express

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone, Cristina shares her views on the forthcoming UAP Report

Cristina’s Newspaper Article Full Transcript – Back in April, 2021, I was asked if I could answer some questions regarding the 180-Day UFO Report, and about the UFO Mystery in general. A lot of what I wrote was left out of the subsequent edited features, which is normal procedure as in the editing process the media will always pick out the bits they want to highlight and focus upon.

Now the 180-Day UFO Report has been released, and it’s been a couple of months since the article went to print, I am posting the full unedited Q&A below.Daily Star Q&A with Cristina Gomez

Daily Star Article
UK Express Article

1. I’ve seen you’re campaigning for disclosure, what do you think will be in the Pentagon’s UAP report to be published in July?

Cristina: I am expecting that the report will actually be postponed, initially being a Preliminary report, allowing for a further time of data collection and analysis. I also believe that when the report does manifest, it will lean heavily towards ‘Defense Significance’ benchmarking; addressing potential threat level instances that the objects have presented when coming into close contact with sensitive military installations, and military assets at sea and in the air.
I also expect that the report will point to these objects more as being suspected foreign adversary drone technologies, rather than mentioning them as having an ‘Off-World’ origin. More and more we are seeing the use of the word ‘drone’ in logs and witness reports within official channels rather than UAP, or UAV, even when the objects perform maneuvers which demonstrate a level of technology incomparable with anything currently known.

If the report indeed inclines heavily towards the ‘Defense Significance’ aspect of the mystery, then unfortunately much of it will be redacted and blacked out before any public release.

2. What would a soft disclosure look like and why might a government avoid telling its citizens about the presence of alien life?

Cristina: If I hypothesize that there is evidence being held back by the Government that our planet is being visited by beings from an extraterrestrial civilization, and officials within the Government are working to soft disclose the fact, then it’s easy to assume that we could be in the middle of a ‘Soft Disclosure’ presently, being triggered by the December 16th, 2017 NY Times article which first brought the details of the naval pilot sightings and FLIR footage segments of the nick-named ‘Go-Fast’, ‘Gimbal’, and ‘Tic-Tac’ objects, as well as the bombshell details regarding The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) into the public consciousness.

Having the Pentagon officially release and validate the three pieces of pilot recorded footage of UFOs observed in November 2004, and January 2015, was also a historical milestone that can be viewed as a strong formal effort at disclosure with them being recognized as UAPs demonstrating vastly superior flight characteristics and abilities.

If a Government was to acquire concrete evidence that these craft that are flying in our skies and travelling in our oceans are originating from one or more extraterrestrial civilizations, it would be entirely prudent of them to investigate whether or not they represented an existential threat to us as a species–and this I imagine would be the very first pressing concern they would have regarding the presence of such visitors to our world. I can imagine then that the entire subject would receive the very highest security classification during that investigative process.

In this scenario, if such were the case that the concrete evidence consisted of wreckage, or at least some recovered components of a vastly superior technology, then logically there would be the concern of such technology falling into the hands of one or more of their foreign adversaries; not only would the Government in question not want to alert other nations to the fact that it now possessed extraterrestrial technology, but it would also have a sudden need to know if other nations also had in their possession, and were studying similar technological artifacts. It could, and would be seen at the highest levels as a new form of Military arms race.

After these two factors would come the investigation and analysis of what effects such a Disclosure would have on the population, especially in regards to Religion, global Financial Markets, and societal collapse implications as a result of panic and fear.

3. It was recently revealed that a SpaceX dragon crew had a close encounter with a UFO.
A) Is it possible this happens far more than is revealed to the public and if so why?

Cristina: I have to assume that more unidentified objects are reported by astronauts than what is revealed to the public, with the caveat that the greater part of those sightings comprise of space junk and orbital debris, simply because what mostly makes the headlines is what is seen on the camera feeds around the ISS; which are not constantly turned on, and also have a significant delay. Additionally we rarely get to hear what the astronauts observe through the Cupola Observation Module.

B) Do you think SpaceX and NASA’s true knowledge of UFOs is yet to be revealed?

Cristina: I am aware that NASA does have an archive of files regarding UFO Sightings logged in a database of aviation incident reports, several of which were obtained during an investigation by The Debrief…

“A number of the incidents involve observations by pilots and crew members of what appeared to be unrecognized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or other unidentified flying objects operating within unsafe distances from their aircraft, raising concerns about the risks they may pose to aviation safety.” ~ Micah Hanks

Cristina's Newspaper Article for the Daily Star and Daily ExpressC) What is the most explosive video you have ever seen of a UFO appearing near the ISS?

Cristina: I am still waiting for ‘explosive’ footage of a UFO to manifest, filmed from the ISS, and haven’t been too impressed with what has been recorded/released so far; all of the recorded sightings to the present day can easily be debunked with mundane explanations.

D) What US state, if any, has seen an upturn in UFO sightings this year and why?

Cristina: From reports about UFO sighting hotspots during 2021 I have looked at, with the exception of New Mexico, there’s a cluster of States in the Upper North-West, comprising Washington State, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming where the figures are significantly higher than elsewhere in the United States. I have no hypothesis as to why, but it does surprise me as these are States with a lot of uninhabited forested backcountry, and mountainous areas.

E) Why do you think UFOs (such as the recent pyramid UFO releases) are being spotted by US Navy personnel? Is there a link between UFO activity and military activity?

Cristina: When it comes to the spotting of UFOs by U.S. Naval Personnel, if I go by the statements of those who have been coming forward as witnesses and whistle-blowers, it easily leads me to speculate that what we are hearing about with such sightings of Tic-Tac, Gimbal, and Pyramid shaped objects to name a few, are just the tip of the iceberg.

There apparently seems to be quite a cache of classified footage and sightings reports that have yet to be released.

As to why these objects are being seen by U.S. Naval Personnel, I can only theorize that whatever intelligence is behind them, is very interested in the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Military assets in question; that intelligence possibly being terrestrial adversarial based, or off-world based–both I assume would be motivated to probe the strengths and weaknesses of, for example, a Carrier Strike Group.

F) Lue Elizondo claimed in one of your videos that Russia has also had UFO encounters much like the US Navy, as have other countries. What do you know about this?

Cristina: Although I have no direct knowledge of Russian UFO encounters with Unidentified Objects similar to those of the U.S. Navy, I have no doubt in my mind that this is a global phenomenon, occurring over both land, and sea. I hope that at some point, nations like Russia and China may open up about such occurrences, but given the ongoing tensions between the United States and other nations, and the fact that Military surveillance is now mostly carried out by sophisticated Military drone technology–I won’t be holding my breath for any international UAP encounter disclosure to occur anytime soon.

*Note: Cristina’s Newspaper Article doesn’t reflect anything more than speculation and opinion.


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