Four Incredible UFO Sightings from Around the World

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Four Incredible UFO Sightings from Around the World – Objects Captured on Video

A Compilation of 4 UFO videos shot by witnesses in different countries

Four Incredible UFO Sightings witness sightings captured on video camera, here are the details of these UFO sightings. Posting 4 recent UFO Sightings recorded; the first over Rio Bravo Suchitepéquez Burbank in Guatemala, Joshua Tree CA, Macomb County, Michigan, and Galway, NY State.

** Joshua Tree footage – I snipped out the audio where her phone was vibrating because it was ridiculously deafening..!!

Thumbnails from now on will only show a closeup of the objects.

Incident 1.

Incident 2.
SOURCE: MUFON Case #: 112011

Incident 3.
SOURCE: YOUTUBER Bigben-1989 PRO Tips 4 Simps

Incident 4.
SOURCE: MUFON Case #: 112022

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