Venus Signs of Life detected in Atmosphere could turn out to be First Bio-Signatures Detected Off World

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Venus Signs of Life – FOX News Special Report with Nick Pope on Possible Life in the Atmosphere of Venus

The Discovery of Bio-Signatures in the Atmosphere of Venus has set the Headlines on Fire

Venus Signs of Life – Astrobiology in the News became frantically exciting over the last few days with headlines such as “Life Found on Venus” and “The Venusians are Real”, but the truth behind the story is just as exciting than the exaggerated headlines. In fact, the reality is that certain bio-signatures were spotted, one of which is Phosphine.
To get to the truth of the matter, FOX News invited famed astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson for a sit down to discuss the truth and ramifications, as well as future possibilities that such a discovery has had on astrosciences and astrobiology.

Here are the details of this News Report:

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