Interview with Jin Yu from S. Korea – UFO researcher

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Interview with Jin Yu – South Korean UFO Researcher – KUNX Digital Broadcasting Radio

Episode 28 – From a nation we very rarely get to hear UFO news out of, Jin Yu brings us up to speed on the Korean UFO Scene

Interview with Jin Yu – Cristina gets to talk with South Korean UFO Researcher, Podcaster, and ‘X-Line’ YouTube Channel host, Jin Yu.
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A new format for Shifting the Paradigm talk show, with Cristina Gomez. Now 90 minutes long, Cristina gives a quick review of notable UFO / UAP news events from the last week, with emphasis on the Gillibrand Amendment. Co-founder of The Debrief and KUNX talk show host Micah Hanks calls in to give detailed insights into the legislation, ramifications, and an update.

For the rest of the show, South Korean UFO researcher Jin Yu of the X-Line YouTube channel joins Cristina to talk about the UAP / UFO scene in Korea, the history of sightings there, and the perception of the Korean people about the phenomenon.

Jin Yu also relates paranormal experiences he endured while serving in the Korean army in the Demilitarized zone.
This is a fascinating show giving insights into the perspectives of the Korean people, Government, and mainstream media there in regards to the UFO mystery.



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