Full LEAKED DHS UFO Footage – FLIR Thermal UAP

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Full LEAKED DHS UFO Footage – FLIR Thermal UAP – DHC-8 TP in Puerto Rico, 2013

The US and Global News Media will not feature this stunning UFO Video Evidence

This is a stunning piece of evidence, the full leaked DHS UFO video footage of an object between 3 and 5 feet in length, and travelling at times between 40 and 120mph that was recorded using high-tech FLIR cameras mounted on DHC-8 Turboprop aircraft operated for Homeland Security under the auspices of US Customs and Border Protection during a surveillance flight close to Aguadilla Airport, in Puerto Rico on April 26, 2013 at about 9.20pm local time.

The footage which has been widely distributed on the internet has not received the same coverage by the mainstream media as the tic-tac or gimbal footage, and it is still unofficially recognized by the Pentagon, being regarded as leaked footage.

An extensive study into this particular sighting was conducted by the Scientific Coalition of Ufology, a group of scientists and researchers from a variety of professional fields. The 159 page in-depth analysis report is ( hereDHS UAP SCU Final Report – .PDF )

Check the report out, and let us know what you think!

While some researchers and critics have speculated that what was filmed were simply balloons, the report goes into detailing various examples of visual evidence opposing the balloon theory, showing that the object was travelling at alternating high speeds with occasional drops in speed, as well as the fact that the infra-red detecting capacity of the camera showed the object was generating heat, and changing locations relative to the background. At one point in the video the craft overflies a field of cows, and they share the same dark hue heat signature.

What is also fascinating about the video footage is that it shows the object travelling over ocean water in the latter part, and then submerging below the waves and re-emerging several times with no apparent splashing or loss of speed. Shockingly, towards the end of the sighting, the objects thermal signature increases, and it splits into two distinct objects.

Now, it is NOT the first time that objects have been seen to divide into 2 or more equal sized craft. I always wonder if some of these things are a form of Von Neumann type probes ( Self Replicating Craft – good article hereVon Neumann Self Replicating Probe article ). – What do you think..?

The ability of the craft to operate in both water & air effortlessly and without that drop in speed, would seem to indicate that it might be enveloped in some kind of an energy field, which could account for the heat signature, and the shimmer that can be seen around it at times in the video. – What do you think..?


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