Modular UFO over Germany near Rückersdorf adds to the Global Modular UFO Phenomenon

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Modular UFO over Germany Captured on Camera shows Metallic Modular-looking Object

Witness Report of Encounter with UFO including Video Recording Evidence

Modular UFO over Germany recorded by a witness during the day over Rückersdorf, Germany. UFO / UAP sightings are on the increase globally, and more serious attention is being given to the mysterious topic of unidentified flying objects in the mainstream news media, especially since the 2017 leaks of US Navy Pilot UFO footage. Nearly everyone carries a cellphone with them in recent years, even in rural areas of third world countries, and as a result more and more UFO sightings videos are being posted to the internet, either through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

What initially looks like some tumbling metallic balloons, gives way to a “Not so fast!” moment, when looking at this footage more closely. We did a frame by frame review, while processing the stabilization, and noticed some interesting anomalies.

They are as follows:

  1. At one point the craft begins to rapidly spin, without any initial speed up, this becomes more apparent when you view the zoomed 1/4 playback segment; then coming to a halt before looking like it changed its entire configuration.
  2. Aside from the yellow/golden glow of sunlight reflecting off the ‘modules’ of the object, there is a consistent white glow at 3 points on the object, best observed in the thumbnail still.
  3. The object appears to take on a variety of forms, even flattening out at one point, but essentially and for the most part looks like a modular triangle made of three spheres. As you can see though, this does in fact change several times.
  4. In one sequence, it appears as though a larger central dome arises, and then lowers back into the object.

Let’s speculate a bit. If these sightings, like the Utica NY ( ) sighting last week are not simply helium-inflated balloons, then what is it we are seeing..?

I am reminded of an article I read where scientists were working on technology that could self-replicate and assume any shape according to the purpose needed. Now, that sounds like a cross between Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and nano-bot technology, but the theory has been around for a while, aka a Von Neumann Probe ( ).

Here are the details of this sighting:
CREDIT MUFON: Case #111349
Submitted to MUFON : 09.07.20
Date of Sighting: 09.07.20

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