Non-Human Intelligence: Are We Missing the Message of Animal Mutilations?

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Non-Human Intelligence: Are We Missing the Message of Animal Mutilations?

A Detailed Report

By Mike Ward

⚠️Cautionthis article and accompanying pictures and videos contain graphic content, not for sensitive viewers.

Non Human Intelligence – Beyond the question, “What are these UFOs?”, there are many related mysteries that come with the territory.  To name a few:  Abductions, Crop Circles, Skinwalker Ranch, Bermuda Triangle, USOs, Animal Mutilations, etc.

Of these mysteries, Animal Mutilations stand out as the one enigma that I believe we can bring a new perspective. Why?  There are thousands upon thousands of cases over the past 50+ years.  The patterns are unmistakably similar in many instances with attributes that are truly unexplainable by the rational Western mind – a ton of evidence.  I believe there is one final option that has not been discussed that can make sense of this phenomenon.

I am no expert on the subject; I simply look for patterns and try to attach meaning to them.  Please feel free to correct and comment.

What are Animal Mutilations?

 “The killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual, usually bloodless, and anomalous circumstances.   Worldwide, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, bison, deer and elk have been reported mutilated with similar bloodless excisions; often an ear, eyeball, jaw flesh, tongue, lymph nodes, genitals and rectum are removed.” Wikipedia

Important takeaways – worldwide, multiple species, commonality in the mutilations.

Though there are stories in print back as far as the 1600s, the modern phenomenon came to the national forefront with the mutilation of a horse named “Snippy” on September 9th, 1967, near Alamosa, Colorado.  By 1980, there were numbers that range from 8,000 to 20,000 of mutilations reported – in the US.  Many mutilations go unreported.

To better understand the mystery, let’s look at a few videos:

A great overview from George Knapp:

Important takeaways:

  • “Today nearly 15,000 reports have been received”
  • “Removed sex organs, utters, rectums eyes or ears”
  • “The carcasses are usually drained of blood, but blood is rarely found on the ground”
  • “it’s hard to visualize or even comprehend why someone would drive up and kill an animal and then take the male parts out.”
  • “One of the mutilations occurred just yards away from her house. No one heard or saw anything.”
  • “The ball joint was completely gone”
  • “The inside of the legs and up the belly look like you could have taken a zipper and zip the cow right back together again; they were 1/8 serrated cuts. “
  • “a perfectly flat cut inside, no bone chips, nothing that you would get from a meat saw where you’re leaving pieces of bone part.”
  • “Some government researchers have blamed predators for some mutilations but the likelihood of a mountain lion making an incision like a cookie cutter seems remote and coyotes have never fared well against living breathing cows”
  • “Documentary filmmaker Linda Howe refers to the mutilations as an alien harvest, Howe has followed up on hundreds of cases and says whatever cut open these cattle didn’t use a knife or pinking shears pathologists have told how that the cuts went between rather than through the animal’s microscopic cells. “
  • “Not even maggots would come near the body.”

This mystery rarely gets national exposure; local news reports are the place to get content:

Fox News Channel 4, WDAF – Kansas City , MO

Fox News Channel 4, WDAF – Kansas City , MO

“Reproductive organs removed”, “It’s amazing how the vet said if he did a mastectomy, there would have been blood all over the field. But there was no blood.”, “The gate was still locked.” “No footprints or tire tracks leading to the dead cow.” “It’s somewhat amazing because the lack of evidence.”, “He (vet) believes a scalpel was used.”

NBC 41 Action News – Kansas City, MO

NBC 41 Action News – Kansas City, MO

“Three different cows on three different days were found mutilated”, “it’s tongue sliced out, it’s heart exposed.” “These cows’ reproductive organs were gone too.”, “There were char marks, completely surrounding the cow.”, “In all 3 deaths the cuts were clean”

KFOR News Channel 4 – Oklahoma City, OK

KFOR News Channel 4 – Oklahoma City, OK

“No Bullet holes, no nothing.” “They were getting ready to make a sacrifice to the devil, over that red moon.”, “Just keep your eyes and ears open boys.”

Calgary Herald – Alberta, CA

Calgary Herald – Alberta, CA

“It was gruesome.” “She had not been dead for very long.” “Her reproductive organs were completely missing.”  “A perfect incision.”  “Where she died was very visible from the main road.” “We were told to keep it quiet.”

Northwest Public Broadcasting

“5 young bulls were killed” “the cattle have missing genitals, tongues and blood –but the rest of animals were totally untouched.”” these animals are not victims of poisonous plants”” they weren’t the victims of other predators” “they weren’t shot” “no tracks, no weird people” “These are very grounded people (ranchers, generally conservative)” “they weren’t saying that it wasn’t aliens.”

What are the common traits of a mutilation?

  1. There is no blood. No blood in the area around the animal; the body is completely drained.  The average amount of blood of a fully grown cow is approximately 11 gallons.
  2. There are no footprints, tracks around the body. Even the animal’s own tracks.  No signs of struggle.  No signs of the body being dragged.  Seems as if the 1200 to 2000 lb. body was “dropped” into their location.  No tire tracks.
  3. Reproductive organs missing. The lips, anus, penis, tongue, and udder are removed with laser precision.  Eyeballs are also removed.  The outer shell of the animal is left largely intact. No “tear” marks.
  4. Some have organs completely removed with no logical exit point.
  5. Most were reported as being completely healthy before the attack occurred.
  6. Most are done at night, but there are daylight mutilations.
  7. Most are in remote areas, but not all – John Leer – Long Island.
  8. Some people see lights; some hear helicopters.

What are the Options?

Option 1.  Nefarious peopleOccultists, Hoaxes, Assholes

Are people wretched to animals?  Of course, they are.  They burn, torture, and kill them – all the time.  Cue the Sarah McLachlan music – brutal!

Whether it’s the occult, a future serial killer, a frat initiation, a neglectful owner, or just some sicko – this is a very real problem.

The horse mutilations in France in 2020 were originally blamed on the occult.  “They’re also triggering multiple theories, with satanic cults topping the list.”  Forbes, September 20, 2020

But mutilations have characteristics that are unimaginable for a rogue individual(s) to carry out.  What is their power source for vacuuming out 11 gallons of blood?  Most are done at night; wouldn’t they need lighting and still not be seen? No tire tracks or footprints. How long would it take to remove the blood?  And doing this for 50 years – around the world?

This comes from Christopher O’Brien’s “Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery”,  Location: Skinwalker Ranch, Ballard, Utah

“But that cold March afternoon when he and his wife Gwen went out to check on their newborn calves was positively frightening. They had driven out to the pasture and checked on a calf and the momma cow. Driving another three or so hundred yards, they checked on a second mother-calf pair. It was the middle of the day and they saw and heard nothing unusual. Imagine their horror, fear and revulsion when they returned to the first calf 30 to 40 minutes later and found it horribly mutilated while they had been in the same pasture within sight of where the mutilation took place.”

Takeaways:  “Afternoon”  “30 to 40 Minutes” “Within sight”

Again, humans are awful to animals, but how could this possibly be something human?

Strike it from the list.

Option 2.  Predators

Predators do eat livestock – most of the time, after the victim has died naturally – but there is no comparing the condition of a mutilation to a picked over carcass.  However, it seems every documentary or government study always has a Veterinarian that claims that these deaths are completely natural and that predators are responsible for the odd removals.

Where are the tear marks?  Where is the blood?  Tracks?  Anus perfectly carved out. The sexual organs removed with laser-like precision. Most animals are reported perfectly healthy – so where are the struggle marks?  And the modern mutilations issue started in the late 1960’s, where were the predators before that, why have we always not had this problem?

In many cases, it was reported that predators stayed away from the mutilations – as if they knew there was something very wrong with the fallen creature.

I looked at predators as a cause but moved on due to the above questions and the similarities world-wide – different predators live in different areas – yet the mutilations are similar.

Did not make sense to me.

Strike it from the list.

Option 3.  US Military Government

In some cases, helicopters are reported to be heard the same night as a mutilation.  Some theories out there about the government doing secret experiments on cattle. Mad cow disease in the 90’s supposedly spurned the government into action.  A theory also about radiation being spread by accident in fertilizer disrupting the food chain.

I tried to picture it. Helicopters in stealth mode dropping soldiers in the dark with night vision goggles into fields. Then shooting some sort of tranquilizer to down the cow.

  • Was the military taking the cow elsewhere then performing the mutilation in a lab (the animals do seem to be dropped into place)?
  • Or was the military doing it in the fields and somehow covered their boot prints and other marks?

This is where I start to take issue with this – the basic logistics make no sense.  If you are a stealth operation and you take the animal to a lab for testing – then why bring it back?  Why risk getting caught?  If you just kept the cow, the rancher would have to assume it wandered off or someone stole it.  Perfect alibi.

On the other hand, if the mutilation was performed in the field, why take all the blood?  Do you need all the blood for testing?  Wouldn’t you be trying to leave the scene as quickly as possible and take as little as needed?

And has this program been going on for 50 years? And has been a world-wide operation that is destructive to the rancher’s livelihood?

Strike it from the list.

So, let’s get to the last two options.  I know, I know – but what about disease, lightning, Chupacabra, insurance scandal?  While I am sure some of this happens (disease of course), but to say that mutilations are linked to these – I just did not go there.

Going through the first three Options is a bit disingenuous if the following is true from Linda Moulton Howe – we could have just jumped to Option 4 and Option 5 and skipped the first three.  Let’s listen (this one is well worth it):

 Linda Moulton Howe on Cattle Mutilations, ET’s on Earth, Abduction & More!”, June 20,2020. The Hannibal TV Podcast 

  • “Sherriff Tex Graves told me”
  • “Asked the local vet to go with me (Graves)”
  • “With tissue that was missing and no blood”
  • “A big cow like a 1700–1800-pound cow”
  • “He (vet) had his white plastic gloves on, and he’s got his index finger and it’s down inside the chest”
  • “What I have looped over my finger is the pericardium that should be around this cow’s heart” (Pericardium: the membrane enclosing the heart, consisting of an outer fibrous layer and an inner double layer of serous membrane)
  • “There is no heart, there is no blood”
  • “This should have the heart in it (pericardium)”
  • “Cannot find any hole, no cut (in the pericardium)”
  • “A large cow (heart) averages seven by nine by eleven inches”
  • “The vet just looked at him and said don’t ever call me on another one of these animal mutilations because I’m not going to stand up in front of a group of reporters and tell them that what has happened to this animal is impossible to me as a veterinarian, don’t call me again “

The heart just disappeared.

Option 4.  UFOs from other Planets, Dimensions or from Earth

 This one is staying on the list, but I must be honest, while it’s all possible, I cannot deductively rationalize the case for this.  This does not mean it’s not real. I just cannot figure it out.  Let’s explore:

Lights have been witnessed in many instances near a mutilation site.  From Linda Moulton Howe’s documentary:  Strange Harvest

Sheriff: “Almost nightly when this was going on” “We could pick out a very brilliant, huge, brilliant light in the sky.”  “We had a newsman take pictures with a very high-powered lens” “Several times we observed a smaller light come out of this aircraft and then come down toward Earth.” “Travel very rapidly” “and after a while the smaller lights would join up with the larger light and then they would disappear.”

From Unexplained Files, Season 1, Episode 2: 12-minute mark:

Retired Sheriff Lou Geraldo –

“Years back when a rancher called in and said ‘you got to get out here, sheriff.  My steer has been mutilated.’” “15 to 20 minutes later, a bright orange light came up – the size of a beach ball – it came up off the ground and it split in two.  They were the same size after they split.” “It wasn’t from this planet.”

But why would aliens want to mutilate our animals?

They are studying us.

This seems logical to a point. What is odd to me is what is taken – the many of thousands of times over – is not revelatory.  I mean, why not take the brain versus the anus if you are truly trying to understand our species?  And how much of it do you need before you understand it?  Some will say that cows and humans do share 80% of their DNA – so maybe the aliens are studying cattle to better understand us.  Maybe, but why then the need to mutilate other animals and how much blood do you really need to derive an answer.  Again, could be true but hard to rationalize.


This is the more logical.  I cannot explain it away. A delicatessen or a drive through of sorts – “Honey, get some takeout”.  Especially if the aliens are already here.  But why leave the remains behind if you are trying to be stealth in your existence to us?

The “alien” theory is the strongest from people who have studied this mystery, but why?  It seems that we always come down to – if there is no earthly explanation, then it must be aliens.  Makes sense from a rational Western mindset.  There seems to be a connection to something from above – the way the cattle seemingly are dropped into place, and the precise and unexplainable aspects of the mutilation.  Truly a mystery not solvable by human means.

 But how do you explain those lights in the sky if it is not aliens?  Let’s review Option 5; it might all start to come together.

On the list, but with a “?”

 From the Unexplained Files, Season 1, Episode 2 –

Chuck Zukowski, 25-year cattle mutilation investigator. “I have never seen any evidence that points toward human activity, then again, we never found evidence that points to non-human activity, meaning aliens, this is a complete unknown,”

Christopher O’Brien, author of “Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery”, “I think the alien answer is the least likely explanation.”

Option 5.  Non-Human Intelligence

For a detailed discussion on Non-Human Intelligence, please read:  All Options on the Table: Lue’s Clues + Others

What is Non-Human Intelligence?

It is the belief that there is a Non-Human Intelligence to the Earth/Universe that is – all around us – but we do not see it, nor do we understand our relationship to it.  This Non-Human Intelligence creates physical manifestations to communicate with us such as UFOs/Aliens (“quit with the nukes”).  This Non-Human Intelligence has always been here.

Mother nature, Gaia, God, the Great Spirit, an Earth Intelligence, The Source, the Collective, the Lorax – I will stick with “Non-Human Intelligence”, because I do not know what “it” or “they” are.  And the moment you call it something, people place their pre-conceived ideas on it.  Mother nature?  Tree hugger.  God? Bible thumper.  The Collective?  Trekkie.

It seems to me these animal mutilations are purposeful, deliberate.  That there is a moral consciousness behind the act, a means to communicate to us that we are doing something very wrong.  A voice for the voiceless.  But do we have the mindset to listen?  Do we have the fortitude to change?

So why the mutilations of animals? What is the message?

“Stop being cruel to these animals!” “They can be taken away!” “Just because you have dominion over the creatures on this planet does not give you the right to abuse and torment them!”

I know very little about PETA and I eat meat almost daily.  So, no political statements here.  I am an accomplice.

But if you think about the way we treat these animals – it’s mind-bendingly awful.  Horrific.

I originally had written in early drafts of this post about the making of veal (“the mother cow wails for weeks as she hears the cries of her stolen calf”), the stress of the animal being corralled to the slaughterhouse, the cruelty of factory farming, pigs stuffed in the steel trailers of 18 wheelers staring at you on the highway, the things we shoot into these animals, the making of “foie gras”, creating holes in cows’ stomachs, the experimentation – but it was too disheartening.  I took it out.

We know it’s wrong.  We know it. We know it.

Is it a coincidence that France, a country that still sells horsemeat in grocery stores, had nearly 200 cases of horse mutilations in 2020?  Is there a message?

Or is there a correlation between the rise in animal mutilation and the growth of factory farming?

Does this mean the message is saying “go vegan”?  I do not know, but I think its more like how Native Americans treated buffalo versus Wild Bill Cody.  Respect the animal, be grateful to the universe for giving its being.  Take only what is needed.  Are we thankful that an animal has sacrificed its life as we throw some McNuggets down our gullet?

I am an accomplice.

Why Mutilations as the Vehicle to Communicate?

I am not smart enough to understand the symbolic nature of the parts that are removed or if there is any symbolism at all.  Does removing the reproductive organs communicate to the rancher that he will no longer be able to use the animal to create offspring?  Does removal of the eyes, ears tongues, lips have something to do with communication? Or does the removal of the blood symbolize something about “life” being taken?  The anus being removed – will leave that one alone.  Again, my brain can not connect the dots here.

But a few thoughts as to why mutilations are a powerful communication vehicle:

  1. Disturbing – the removal of the eyes, the lips cut out, the anus removed – shocking to look at. I believe this is purposeful, deliberate – it is meant to get our attention.  If a cow just fell over dead in the middle of a field, would that ever make the news?
  2. Mysterious – whether a heart disappearing, a ball joint missing or completely draining a full-grown cow of its blood – these are acts that are unimaginable and, in some cases, physically impossible. Again, I believe this is purposeful, deliberate.
  3. Damaging – this can be financially draining to the rancher. Not only does he lose the value of the actual animal, but he also loses the ability to produce offspring.  Although many bulls are castrated and slaughtered by the age of three, some are kept for breeding and selling of semen which can be profitable.
  4. Consistent – the mutilations are not all the same, but there are definite characteristics that are striking not only in cattle, but across other species too. Blood being removed is probably the most common trait though I have no numbers to prove it.  Again, purposeful, deliberate.
  5. Worldwide – a powerful aspect of the phenomenon is that it is happening worldwide.  The fact that these mutilations are occurring around the globe should emphasize that there is not a single government, or an individual is behind this.  The coordination seems implausible.
  6. Long Lasting – the fact that these modern mutilations have been going on since the late 1960’s should also emphasize that this is not a government program or an individual. It should also emphasize that if mutilations were caused by predators, we should have always had this issue.

And then there are those balls of light that have been reported a few times over a mutilation.  To me, this seems to be less physical spacecraft and more energy based.  The description of the balls breaking in two and being the same size lends credence to this.

Top of the list.

What now?

To me, animal mutilations should beckon us to change how we treat animals.

But I see the hubris, the self-love, the materialism, the self-righteousness, the hypocrisy, the sharpness of the hatred that cuts the fabric of what is good about our planet…

And I fear…

We do not have the aptitude to change.  We will not listen.

A Conclusion:

I feel we are Airbnb guests in a House that has been here for a long, long time.  We do not know the Owners, nor do we understand the House itself – the plumbing, the wiring etc.

The Owners want us to enjoy our stay, but they do have cameras – they see us putting our muddied boots on the couch, leaving water rings on the coffee table, abandoning partially eaten food on the counters, smoking cigarettes by the fireplace.

Whenever we journey out of the house, the Owners sneak in and leave us hints in conspicuous places – cleaning supplies, coasters, garbage bags, an ashtray – in hopes we might change our behavior.

But we do not understand the message.  Our behavior only worsens.

The Owners’ patience is waning.

Soon, the Owners may tell us to leave.

Thanks for reading.  Peace.



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