One Source of UAPs or Many

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One Source of UAPs or Many – Where do the objects come from..?

Commentary about the possible origin of UFOs, do they represent a single mysterious source, or are there a variety of different mysteries involved.

One Source of UAPs – To be clear, given the wide variety of objects that have been observed over the last 70+ years, shapes, sizes, and forms, could it be that there are a whole bunch of different civilizations manifesting their curiosity with our planet, and all the many species of life on it..?

In this first commentary originally filmed for inclusion in a project ( ) by the awesome  @Engaging The Phenomenon  I explore the various possibilities for what is behind the UFO Phenomenon. This includes Artificial Intelligence, Extraterrestrial Civilizations, and possibly Sentient Beings from other Dimensions, among other possibilities.

For so many, aliens is the first thing they think of when seeing an Unidentified Flying Object, and that is in main part due to the popularity of the topic in pop-culture. So many documentaries and Science Fiction TV shows and movies that portray marauding aliens seeking to take over the planet, but in reality, aside from the many conventional theories and explanations, there are a whole host of other possibilities.

This will be the first in a series of Commentaries that I will post, talking about various aspects of the UFO mystery, and there are many, many aspects; from UFO crash retrievals, abductions, cattle mutilations, reverse engineered alien technology, life on exoplanets, all the way through to meta-materials.

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