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UFO Articles and Blogs by Cristina Gomez of Paradigm Shifts

UFO Articles and Blogs – Written articles and blog posts in regards to UFOs, Disclosure, and related phenomena.

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Cristina’s Newspaper Article Full Transcript

Cristina’s Newspaper Article Full Transcript, The Daily Star and UK Express Stepping out of the Comfort Zone, Cristina shares her […]

Cristinas Newspaper Article for the Daily Star

UFOs Are Here and the Government Cannot Identify Them

UFOs are Here and it seems like the Government will either not come clean, or has no clue A Special […]

UFOs are Here promo video

A Year of Strangeness continues with Bizarre News Reports and Events of High Strangeness

A Year of Strangeness 2020 – One of the Strangest ‘Paradigm Shifts’ Yet! Unlike other years 2020 has proved to […]

A Year of Strangeness

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift of Perspective Change

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – Why I Rebranded What is a Paradigm Shift..? The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – It is […]

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief

The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief – Some FACTS against the Mylar Balloon lazy debunk hypothesis Edited & Updated with […]

Source: https://www.thedebrief.org/leaked-photo-surfaces-of-purported-unidentified-aerial-phenomena/
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