The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief

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The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief – Some FACTS against the Mylar Balloon lazy debunk hypothesis

Edited & Updated with new information ~ Dec 5

The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief – On Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 – Various UFO related Facebook groups, Twitter, and Reddit subs exploded with chatter in regards to TheDebrief’s release (which keeps knocking their server off the net due to traffic loads) of the ‘leaked’ UFO photo taken by the 2nd seater in a FA-18 fighter, yesterday invoked the typical response on various subs and hashtag ufotwitter to explode with cosmic level lazy debunking.

The article stated, quote:

The Debrief learned of the existence of the photograph from a defense official who has been verified as being in a position to have access to the UAPTF intelligence reports. Additionally, the same two officials with the DoD, and one from the U.S. Intelligence community with whom we previously spoke, confirmed that the leaked image is the same photo provided in a 2018 intelligence position report issued by the UAPTF.  The photo itself is said to be considered “Unclassified and For Official Use Only,” however, because the image and accompanying report were shared on a secure Intelligence Community network, the officials we spoke with would only acknowledge it under strict conditions of anonymity. Prior to any agreement, The Debrief did verify these sources were in fact in positions within the U.S. Intelligence Community and under the authority of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence.

The Leaked UFO PhotoThe Usual Lazy Debunking

The most prominent prevailing debunk is that it is a 28inch foil Mylar Balloon of the variety used in themed Batman kiddo birthday parties (picture down bottom).

Yet nobody is talking about the elephant in the room.

On December 2nd, 2020 – The Debrief published an article that referred to the photo before it was actually released on December 3rd.

In that article, we find that the ‘Officials’ involved make some claims about the photo…

All three officials agreed that based on the photo, the object appeared to be at an altitude of roughly 30,000 to 35,000 feet and approximately 1,000 feet from the fighter jet.

The Leaked UFO Photo from TheDebrief – The issue I have with this is the vague wording, which these lazy debunking keyboard-warriors have taken as a supporting pillar for their ongoing debunk rants on various social media platforms.

Furthermore, and most tellingly, how accurate is it when the same officials describe the object in the same article as being “Cube shaped”..?  That’s beyond a stretch.

In my humble opinion, their estimations are not very reliable.

The next inaccurate doozy is the one that the FA-18 has a maximum flight ceiling of between 31k feet and 36k feet depending on conditions. This is another supporting pillar the lazy debunkers are using, and their source more often than not is a simple Google search and putting the first figure they see into their rant; not going any deeper.

According to the U.S. Naval website specs page on the FA-18 two seater F model, it has a ceiling of 50k+ feet with a maximum speed of Mach 1.8.

What is being referred to by the keyboard-warriors is that the FA-18 can achieve an optimum cruising speed of Mach 1.6 at level flight in altitudes of 36,089ft which is the number quoted by google when searching “How high can an FA-18 fly” and mistakenly the number they are using as the limit to how high it can fly..!!!
Lazy debunking; just a few clicks would take them to technical specification pages that would make it clear.

The Leaked UFO Photo comparison

Like most modern fighter jet aircraft, the FA-18 has the un-recommended capacity to fly in excess of 70k feet, especially in a zoom climb, before running out of kinetic energy and engine capacity and stalling out. As it climbs higher than 36k feet, it will increasingly lose stable velocity when attempting level flight at those higher altitudes.

Now, given we understand that the higher altitude flight is indeed possible, and that the quoted 30k to 35k feet altitude of the sighting is only the estimation of ‘Officials’ (Are the Officials pilots? – Unknown) who believe erroneously that the UFO is cube shaped, the photo to the right indicates a much greater altitude, maybe between 50k to 65k feet if it is pushing its ceiling limits.

A foil Mylar balloon will not get to such altitudes before blowing up because of expansion due to the lack of air pressure.

Mylar balloons do not go higher than about 3,000 feet to 7,000 feet before they either explode or lose their “lift.”
This is because of their inability to expand to any great extent.
( Ref. Link 1 )

Let’s say a foil Mylar Balloon is specially designed to be able to have space for expansion, even then it will only be able to get to a maximum of 26.4k feet.
( Ref. Link 2 )

Some have speculated that it is a 10 foot Solar Tetroon which is a more viable hypothesis than a kid’s 28 inch birthday foil Mylar balloon; yet as a counter to that argument, these are not commonly used, are restricted in many states, and are mainly in the kid’s toy market.  Furthermore, they will very rarely get up to such high altitudes given the colder air and them relying on solar heat radiation for lift, and definitely unlikely to be out over the ocean as the object was reported.

That’s not saying the object doesn’t have a conventional explanation – I am not saying this object is a guaranteed extraterrestrial piece of hardware; but am saying that the current ‘go-to’ debunking theories involving the max altitude of the FA-18 and Mylar/Solar balloon hypotheses do not hold their ground.

An interesting anecdotal conversation regarding the size of the object by an experienced pilot can be found here…
( Ref. Link 3 )

On a lighter note, when I first saw the photo, I immediately grinned thinking “Yeah, that looks like the kind of ship those Predator aliens would fly!!”

Here’s the purported culprit balloon…
(Note that in the UFO photo, the object has angled lateral distance to the side, which the below does not).

The Leaked UFO Photo from the Debrief debunking image

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    Mick Malkemus

    December 6, 2020 at 9:18 am

    Great commentary. Debunkers seem desperate these days. Like Mick West trying to debunk the Navy videos. He seems like a child about to be caught for mischievous actions.

    • Shifting the Paradigm
      Shifting the Paradigm

      December 7, 2020 at 10:38 am

      Good point.
      He is heavily invested $$$ in Debunking – it’s his bread n’ butter.
      If a craft landed in front of him, and an alien walked up and introduced itself, he would claim he was suffering from a temporary sporadic psychotic episode.

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