The Luis Elizondo Interview

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Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence

The Luis Elizondo Interview: On Friday, August 27th, 2021, I interviewed former Director of AATIP, Lue Elizondo for an ‘Update Session’ to go over his activities, opinions, and information since the release of the Government’s public version of the UAP Report on Friday, June 25th, 2021.

I kept hearing from so many that it was unprecedented, an incredible time of serious coverage, debate, and discussion. Social Media platforms were abuzz with forums full of commentaries, opinions, questions, and above all, new fresh young minds who had just been intrigued by the mystery to dig deeper and find out more.



UFOs Trending in the Media


Then I watched during July and August as the mainstream news media dropped the topic like a hot potato, going from multiple daily interviews and special reports on various networks, to practically no coverage within the space of a week after the initial release of the report.


What had been for several months an exciting time of speculation, enthusiasm, new and renewed public interest, and a Legacy Media that had finally begun treating the UFO topic with overdue seriousness, had basically vanished by the end of the first week of August, and I found that frustrating and annoying.


Because there were still huge questions to be answered. The UFO report was preliminary, lacked data, and only solved 1 case out of 144 that had been inspected.

To me it seemed like there was an elephant in the room in those statistics, and that the entire mainstream media were missing – or ignoring the fact.

I repeatedly found myself musing about the public reaction to the increased media coverage of the UFO topic in the months leading up to the release of the report.

I lamented how quite possibly the almost 10 million people who viewed the groundbreaking and seriously treated 60 Minutes UFO Special Report (👀HERE ) on YouTube alone; primed and ready for some eye opening truths and transparency, would now just have their interest extinguished by the mainstream media sound of crickets on the topic.


In my opinion the mainstream media had basically dropped it in favor of other trending items in the news cycle. One thing I am sure of now is that those TV news producers and network managers have a new understanding of just much public hunger exists for the topic.

With all that primarily in mind, it made sense to reach out for the Luis Elizondo interview livestream, to find out what he knew of what’s been going on in the background since the release of the report, and to catch up on his research and activities.


Infographic: UFO Report: The Pentagon Failed To Explain 143 Sightings | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista


You can watch the interview here.

The Luis Elizondo Interview

What I suspected was happening turned out to be true, that a lot is going in the background that the general public isn’t aware of  (🔊Listen and there are a number of things in the works that haven’t yet come to fruition which will bolster the discussion again, and according to Lue, “when some of this stuff comes to light, because you know what, it is going to have a big media splash…”

Mr. Elizondo then went on to reveal that he has been dealing with some scary health issues over the last few months, which was suspected at first to be a large mass cancerous tumor on a kidney, and for almost a month and a half he was left waiting to find out if he was going to have to have his kidney removed, but that according to the most recent tests it may turn out to be benign cysts rather than malign tumors, and that he is still waiting for more test results.

Props to Mr. Elizondo for being such a trooper and going on so many shows and interviews during this time, while enduring this health scare.

An interesting question came early on in the interview, from a Super Chat supporter, asking “Can we understand the psychology of those operating the UAPs through observation giving us signs that they enjoy toying with pilots even mischievously, therefore showing that their evolution could possibly be similar to ours…?” (🔊Listen )

This is a great question for anyone who has spent time thinking about how the UFOs / UAPs have interacted with military and commercial pilots over the years, and not just during the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group encounters. I’ve often mused that the intelligence behind the objects appears to treat pilots during encounters with disdain, and possibly the same annoyance we humans consider a fly that keeps buzzing around our heads. But that’s just me projecting, a typical human behavior, as Lue confirms in his reply.


In his reply Lue said, “You know the problem with with this topic is we tend – because we’re human beings, we tend to assign anthropomorphic characteristics to to everything in nature; every time I play with my dog, what I say, “oh you’re such a good little boy” right, and and you know there’s, I’m connecting with a sentient being, and as such I ascribe to it human characteristics. Now maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but I think we tend to do that – the same thing when we’re talking about the uap topic, we tend to ascribe human motivations, human intent, human psychology, sociology as well, to to this thing because what we see are observations there that defy our current understanding and in order for us to better rationalize what we are experiencing and seeing it’s easier for us to put it in a nice neat little box that we understand…”

This is on point, in my opinion.
It’s what we humans do, and all we really can do. By default we project upon the intelligence behind the objects our own characteristics, rightly or wrongly.

As far as I can tell, we do not know how to correctly interpret the psychology of dolphins, or primates, or other intelligences we share our world with. We can recognize instinctual behaviors for sure, and interpret some rudimentary motivations behind the actions of some species, but that’s it.


Cristina Gomez and Luis Elizondo


Lue went on to conclude that if the thought processes and motivations are similar to us humans, then it might be a scary thing, “I’m not sure I would want another human-like species having access to that type of technology because they may do human type things, right, they may react in ways that we as humans do and that’s not always a good thing…”

Another question came through the Superchat that asked Lue to talk about a UFO or Paranormal encounter he had experienced, and this was a question that Lue explained he would have to answer at some later time, when he felt was the right time, as it was a loaded question and one he could spend an entire podcast answering, “I think there’s a lot to be said and I hope one day I can share some of my experiences in a way that people aren’t going to judge me or judge anybody else I was with, the problem is we’re too early in the conversation right now, it’s too much of a distraction, too many people need to come out of the shadows to continue this conversation, and by me going into my own personal experiences, um, could could could hinder that process and so with all due respect, love the question, very sincere, and and I’m really struggling because I really want to have this conversation, but probably now is not the time…”

While this answer frustrates some, I can respect it. Mr. Elizondo has worked tirelessly, and with great effort to build his credibility, and yet truly owes nobody anything. He really doesn’t owe any of us the answers that many accuse him of hiding. Across several social media platforms, and forums, I see a lot of hate aimed at Lue, and allegations of him being a liar, and a disinformation specialist, and people saying he ‘never delivers’, but when I try to step into his shoes, I see a man who loves his family, loves his country, respects his NDAs and Oaths of Secrecy, wants answers (because he has never claimed to have all the answers), feels this topic is a game-changer for our species, and wants the conversation to become a powerful force for truth and transparency.

Another great question revolved around whether or not the U.S. Government has in it’s possession exotic materials. Again, Lue demonstrated caution with his answer, “That’s a good question, I have to be very careful how I answer any questions about exotic material, or anything like that. I have said for the record, it is my belief that the US Government is in possession of it, I am not at liberty to elaborate any more than that, unfortunately…”

While this is a great question for the Luis Elizondo Interview, I drive myself to carefully consider this aspect from a National Security, and Defense standpoint.

If somehow the U.S. Government, or one of it’s defense contractors came into possession of such exotic materials, then I have no doubt it would be studied under the highest security measures, and under the most stringent conditions; I’m sure the same would go for anything of intelligent extraterrestrial origin. How many layers of security would there be to such material evidence..? One only has to look at the secrecy in the corporate world between competing companies for such things as the next generation of micro-processor, or solid-state memory chips. Then on top of all that, there is the layer of secrecy to consider, that would come as a military research and development issue.

Given those angles, I am of the belief that Lue has inferred a lot with his confirming that ‘he’ is of the opinion that they do have such materials in their possession. If he claimed for sure that they did, then that would be an extraordinary claim, and would need extraordinary evidence to support it; a mantra he lives by.


Something that Lue repeats in many interviews and podcasts is that he believes it is very important to ‘think outside the box’, and it came up in this interview as well, in answering a question about UFO book recommendations that he could give to listeners. The book he recommended is called ‘Chains of the Sea‘ and is a Science Fiction anthology of three stories, and the one in particular he referred to is the second story of the three, “It’s a short story maybe 30 40 50 pages long, but it is a wonderful little story, because it provides a completely different potentiality of what this means now, I don’t necessarily subscribe to it, let me just say that, but what I’m saying is it forces you to think. Remember we talked about (thinking) outside the box, right? This forces you to think outside of the box, a completely different paradigm of what something might be, what the phenomenon might be…”

For the Luis Elizondo interview this time, with him re-iterating this, makes me believe that a lot of what has been left unsaid is so completely different to the expectations of the majority of enthusiasts and researchers in the UFO community, that when the truth is finally unveiled, it will be shocking in it’s scope.

If I had to hedge my bets from Lue’s repeated comments over the last 24 months, I’m inclined to think that maybe the UFO mystery has a lot more to do with what we term the paranormal, and other dimensions, rather than straight forward extraterrestrial intelligences from within our cosmos. We’ll see, time will tell.

In answering the next question, about the UAPs having a more mundane and conventional origin such as secret Russian or Chinese technologies, Lue gave a very logical and sound reply, “There’s certainly a potential, but it appears to be exceedingly unlikely, because we’ve been seeing this technology since since the late 1940s and by the way, in official US Government documentation, documented we’ve been dealing with these things, and of course everybody knows about the tic tac in 2004, but they might be surprised to know that there are other tic tac sightings going back to the 60s and the 50s, where where they were described as white flying butane tanks, right, 40 feet long, or white flying throat lozenges, you know, we were describing these things based upon the genre at the time, but they were still performing exactly the same way that Commander Fravor and Alex Dietrich witnessed in 2004. so if there is a country that has this beyond next generation technology, and they’ve had it since the late 1940s, we’re in real trouble, right, and so I think the likelihood of that is exceedingly small…”

This is in my opinion, classic food for thought, and an excellent arguement for there being a non-human origin to the UFO mystery; and it’s logical reasoning. At this point, I believe that there are those who walk the halls of Government and Defense buildings in Washington DC who are aware of this reasoning also.luis elizondo

Further on in the interview, I asked Lue about sharing his thoughts or knowledge on what is going on at Skinwalker Ranch, and although his response was a bit ambiguous, again I felt that he was holding back on those unsaid things; that there is a paranormal, or dimensional aspect to both the UFO mystery in general, and the occurrances at and over Skinwalker Ranch. He replied, “You know Skinwalker Ranch is a fascinating place, and, you know I will tell you there’s definitely things in my opinion that go bump in the night, I know it’s probably not very pleasant to think about, but I’ve seen enough evidence to suggest that, you know, there’s something going on there…   I am aware of some pretty weird things happening there, absolutely, am I aware of some of these things happening to my own people, yeah I am.”

I often wonder about how much the truth behind the UFO mystery crosses over into the religious, spiritual, and paranormal paradigms. While they don’t conform to orthodox sciences but rather dance around on the fringes, falling under the loose banner of ‘parasciences’, in reality humanity hasn’t yet, and is a long way off reaching the pinnacle of understanding of physics and science.

What we know now, collectively, compared to what we will know in say, 100 years…  Can you imagine..??

I believe we are seeing glimpses of the evidence of those fringe sciences in the UFO mystery, and the events at Skinwalker Ranch; and that is what may be a tough pill for the general public to swallow, and what Lue keeps inferring. I also think that throughout the history of our species we have encountered these mysteries, and have only been able to understand them in the frame of religious experiences.

Towards the end of the Luis Elizondo interview, I asked a question submitted from a subsciber, “Given everything you’ve learned, in your opinion, has the intelligence behind the UAP phenomenon already been designated behind closed doors as an existential threat?” 
My gut instinct already told me that it must be that way, given the public’s limited knowledge of the buzzing of Military installations and assets globally, the interactions with nuclear facilities etc. Lue answered, “You know, I think there’s two schools of thought, I think definitely from a from a National Security perspective, it’s viewed as a potential threat, but let’s not confuse a potential threat with hostile intent. So I’ve said this before, if I go to an airport to jump on a 737, you know, Southwest flight to Denver, there’s not much of a threat there, but if I go on to the runway tarmac of that same airport, and get behind that same airplane, and put my head behind the engine while it’s throttling up, well now there’s a threat. There’s a threat to my hearing, there’s a threat to my – I’m gonna get burned, there’s an environmental threat, is it intentional? Not necessarily, it’s just a product of the technology, you know, so I think there’s two schools of thoughts on it. You know when I was in the Government, my focus had to be that this is a potential National Security threat, but now that I’m outside the Government, I’m free to express my own opinion a little bit more, and you know, I think with every with every challenge comes opportunity…”
This is a refreshing perspective, and again, great logical reasoning. It also comes back to the conversation at the beginning of the interview, where Lue warned against projecting our own human behavioral patterns on the intelligence behind the phenomenon, and it was a great way to finish the interview.

We did a further 16 minute segment of Q&A for Patreon supporters. I will be releasing it for public viewing on the channel on Saturday 11th of September.
The questions asked were:
  • In your opinion could there be a covert engagement, like a conflict going on with the intelligence behind the UAPs right now..?
  • You’ve often inferred that because of NDAs and security oaths, there are things you wish you could talk about, so what I’d like to know is, in what ways have those unspoken things you know changed you..?
  • In your opinion, do you believe there is a program or a plan of propaganda in action right now to drip feed – soft disclose the truth of the UFO mystery to the public..?
  • As you have stated, disclosure has happened, we have confirmation that UAPs are real, what in your opinion is coming next, I mean, what can we expect to see happen in the near future based on what you know that you’re unable to speak of..?
  • At the end of the second season of ‘Unidentified, Inside America’s UFO Investigation’, the narrative to me and others I’ve spoken with, really shifted from establishing UFOs as a real physical manifestation, to hinting at the possibility that the abduction phenomenon might be a real world issue as well. In your opinion, could the ramifications of such a disturbing reality be one of the main reasons that full disclosure may not occur any time soon, or maybe even never..?
  • After all this time, and given all the things you’ve learned including the things that you’re unable to speak of, can you tell me in your opinion what is the more likely source of the intelligence behind the UAPs, where would you place your bets..?
  • What’s next for you, what can we look forward to from your ongoing research, and efforts for UFO truth..?

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