The Ultimate Paradigm Shift of Perspective Change

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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – Why I Rebranded

What is a Paradigm Shift..?

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – It is a fundamental change in the perception and subjective reality of an individual or group.  For the most part, life is a series of Paradigm Shifts as one grows older, evolves, and adapts to change.

And where Mysticism, and eclectic applications of truth-seeking is concerned, evolution of the mind is irrepressible; and inevitable.

In order to connect better with people who do not exist in a perpetual state of Mystical Mind pursuits, it is more fruitful to take a variety of modern day mysteries that have roots in deep time – such as UFOs, the existence of other sentient lifeforms, cryptids, and the paranormal in general, and to take the overall causal effect and use that as the new name for the organization as a whole as it basically pairs with the Mission at hand.

This change however, does not reflect a shift in the nature of the organization, or the people on the team, or the overall mission; which is still essentially the same: To promote Inner Peace by encouraging others to look into the many Mysteries of Life, The Universe, and the Afterlife – to find themselves and understand they are part of something greater than this fruitless egoic & materialistic life.

Now the main focus is to help disseminate UFO Sighting Footage throughout the public & UFO research communities for exposure to what the public is capturing on their cameras and mobile devices.

As someone who sifts through about anywhere from 5 to 15 or more UFO sightings submission footage segments a day, I can tell you that “Clear Legit UFO footage” when it does materialize, either gets shot down as being CGI, or an elaborate hoax; and that kind of footage is very rare to say the least, when it does show up.

As for blurred, shaky, un-zoomed, footage, of things that either look like blimps, silver balloons, weather balloons, mis-identified aircraft, or drones; they are in the majority, and whatever quality the equipment being used is, the witness is 99% always freaking out and can’t get their ‘s#it’ together enough to provide Grade A class footage.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – What I believe is important is that IF there are craft originating from other worlds, or other dimensions, making trips to our planet, zipping around inside our atmospheric envelope, is that they are going to look to be characterized by 1 or more of the following distinct traits…

  • They will disguise & mimic as a conventional aircraft (but maybe performing extraordinarily)

  • They won’t care about disguise, and having advanced tech, will look completely baffling & anomalous (and maybe performing extraordinarily)

  • They will be cloaked, invisible to the visible light spectrum (maybe will show on IR cam)

  • They will appear to phase in and out of existence (appear & disappear)

Now what is interesting to note is that a lot of the footage I trawl through nearly always exhibit one or more of the above traits.

IMHO it is also essential to not get ‘Footage Fatigue’ – you know what I mean right..? Where you have just seen so much footage which has been called out as being bogus, or too blurry, or looks too much like a blimp or a loon, that you pre-judge footage before you have given it a fair shake at analysis. That’s literally throwing the ‘baby out with the bath water’.

If you consider yourself more than just a casual ‘UFO topic’ follower, you should also recognize that this is a phenomenon that has been around since before the first still-cameras, and it’s as much of a head-scratcher now as it has ever been.

Short of a MASS UFO SIGHTING with many witnesses taking video & photographic evidence from different angles, it will literally take one hanging out, or landing in a major city to have the effect of a paradigm shifting wave of revelation & revolutionary impact on the public at large.

In the meantime, we are tasked with being vigilant, observant, and above all, patient, with what the average Joe Public submits with UFO footage, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and disseminating it to others for Review, Discovery, Debate, Insights, Identification, and Education.



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