The Pioneers of Ufology who have Passed but are Not Forgotten

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The Pioneers of Ufology who have Passed, but are Not forgotten

The Breakthroughs, Victories, and Paradigm Shifts of Today are because of their Passion and Sacrifice

Who are the Pioneers of Ufology..?
I got to thinking the other day, about this time we are living in; and no not in a negative way, despairing over the global pandemic, or the crazy political situation, or the violence and outrage playing out in cities around the world. No, instead I thought about all the recent events with the push for UFO Disclosure and how it seems that slowly, but surely and steadily, the once 100% in-denial Government/Military is starting to make forward motions towards a UFO Disclosure of sorts.

I also thought about how lucky we are, in this day and age, to be able to have access to such a miraculous thing as the Internet. Nobody would have believed even 30 years ago that one day we would all be carrying around smart phones that enable us to call anyone anywhere on the planet, send messages, watch news live as it happens. Take pictures and record video!!

This truly is an amazing time.

And so, my train of thought continued, and I imagined UFO researchers of the past, how they had to do hard graft and put their shoes to the road to do their research and investigations. I imagined how excited they would have been to see into the future, to see how far we have come with information sharing technology, and the push for UFO Disclosure.

I picked up an old book by Dr. John Mack on abductions, feeling ashamed at how long it has been since I actually sat down with a book, turned everything else off that could disturb me, and bury myself in its pages.

This led to me feeling very melancholic, and on a whim I wondered if there was a tribute to these trailblazing pioneers of UFOlogy anywhere on the internet, and while I found a site here, and a page there, nothing really palpaple and honorable. And so, I made one.

This is for THEM, and the NEW GENERATION of UFO Researchers that is living in such a fascinating time. GET and READ those old books, they are treasure troves of knowledge, experience, and incredible historical cases.

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43 Views 4 On 1 Rating Rate it