UFO Crashes and Retrievals on Mysteries with a History

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UFO Crashes and Retrievals on Mysteries with a History with Cristina Gomez

Episode 21 – Cristina is joined by Jimmy Church to take an in-depth look into the murky mystery of UFO crashes and retrievals

UFO Crashes and Retrievals – In this episode, Cristina and Jimmy Church examine several cases of alleged UFO crashes, and subsequent tales of retrievals.
The topic of UFO crashes and retrievals is a hotly debated one, discussed repeatedly on many internet platforms, and has been since before the advent of the internet. From the Aurora crash in 1897, through to Roswell, and other alleged UFO crash events, this show will dig and sift through the accounts and stories. What’s up with these UFOs anyway..??

How is it possible that an alien species can travel vast distances in super advanced extraterrestrial technology to end up crashing on planet Earth..?? There are many perplexing questions when it comes to this topic, including so many other mysteries, such as UFOs at Area 51 and Wright Patterson Air Force Base, recovered alien technology, reverse engineering of the alien spacecraft, alleged extraterrestrial bodies being found, and autopsied.

What is the truth..?? Join Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church as we look at this fascinating Mystery with a History.

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Join us for future episodes of Mysteries with a History, where we will be covering a wide variety of topics, from unexplained disappearances to UFO sightings, to encounters with bizarre creatures, and so much more that can come under the umbrella of the extraordinary, the strange, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

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