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Have you seen a UFO / UAP and recorded it..?
The Paradigm Shifts Channel was founded upon the belief that not enough serious attention & analysis was being given to members of the general public from around the world who are capturing videos of Unidentified Objects in the skies. Unlike the Eyes on the Skies Project, there are several portals online where video footage submissions can be made and yet those submitting the videos very rarely receive feedback or see their footage being enhanced & disseminated.

The Eyes on the Skies Project is a grass roots effort to offer an alternative portal where submitted videos will be reviewed, and analyzed to a conclusion that will either identify the object in question, or if truly anomalous will be featured in a review video after enhancements and analysis for scrutiny, opinion, and conclusion by others in the public domain.

To see what happens when you submit a video of a UFO sighting to the Eyes on the Skies Project on Paradigm Shifts, please look below the submission form.

Fill out the form below, and use the Uploader to send me your file for Analysis & Enhancements


Once you have submitted your UFO Sighting video file, it will enter a queue and then be analyzed using a variety of digital video forensics software applications in order to tease out the most details possible, as well as the application of various filters and plug-ins to further clarify and enhance the footage.

The Eyes on the Skies Project works in a partnership with the UAP Skywatch Network and depending on the results of the video forensics and enhancements, it could go before a panel review for further investigation, the circumstances of which you will be informed via email.

If the footage is found to be exceptionally anomalous, with good details and no signs of video tampering or CGI hoaxing, then you will receive an email informing you that it will be featured in a video review segment, where you may receive an invitation to be interviewed about the sighting in a pre-recorded video feature.

If however, the submitted video is found to be lacking in detail or anomalous behavior, instead resembling an aerial object of  mundane explanation or hypothesis, you will be notified via email also.

Either way, Paradigm Shifts will follow up with you in regards to your submission.

Paradigm Shifts will revert back to you with a conclusion regarding your UFO Video Submission

If you are interested in finding out more about the UAP Skywatch Network which started with the National UFO Skywatch event, then check out this video to find out more details, HERE.
To join the UAP Skywatch Network DISCORD Server, click HERE.


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