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UFOs and USOs – Trans-Medium Objects Defy Physics, and All Conventional Explanations

Episode 2 – UFOs and USOs – Mysteries with a History – What are they..? Where do they come from..? Why are they here..?

UFOs and USOs – For this Episode of Mysteries with a History, Cristina talks about UFOs and USOs and discusses stories and witness accounts involving these craft that are getting increasing exposure in the mainstream media given interest in the footage taken by US Navy pilots that has been leaked and released.

Since ancient times, mysterious unidentified lights, and objects, have been seen underwater and often from great heights in the sky, and then moving under the oceans of our planet. Sometimes they have been interpreted as marine gods, other times as sea monsters, to modern times where these unidentified submersible objects have been observed streaking through the water, only to ascend into the skies, or descend from the heavens and enter the water without so much as a splash.

They turn from simple UFO sightings into Trans-Medium sightings, demonstrating incredible knowledge and abilities of moving with ease through both the atmosphere and the oceans. Are these UFOs and Aliens that have the ability to cross vast distances underwater as well..? Some researchers have speculated that these craft are coming from a vast, hidden civilization that has bases and outposts in the ocean deeps, while others have hypothesized that extraterrestrials are observing us from scientific outposts in various deep trenches across the planet.

Now recently, the public has become abruptly more aware of this mystery, with the release of Naval pilot thermal footage of Tic-Tac shaped objects, and other shaped craft, that have been observed coming and going from the waters. In this episode, Cristina Gomez will go over theories, case studies, and sightings of these craft throughout history to the modern times.

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