UFOs Chile and Texas USA Sightings captured on Video

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UFOs Chile and Texas USA – Objects Captured on Video

Two UFO videos shot by witnesses in different countries

UFOs Chile and Texas USA witness sightings captured on video camera, here are the details of these UFO sightings…

Incident 1 – Killeen, Texas, USA
SOURCE: MUFON Submission
Case #: 112420
Witness Description and Details:
“I was at my house during the time.  My mother was outside and she was looking at something.
I looked to where she was looking and I see about 3 but my mother saw five.
I was only able to take a video of one.  I thought it was a drone or plane, but it wasn’t blinking or anything.
It just faded away.
It was going on a straight path, did not turn at all.  I was shocked and so was my family.”

Incident 2 – Apache Junction, Arizona, USA
SOURCE: YouTube Channel “Gollitos Family”
Link: https://youtu.be/YDKhVUIh3so
Witness Description and Details:
None at this time.

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