UFOs in Night Vision Recordings Demonstrate Behaviour that opposes Satellite Hypothesis

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UFOs in Night Vision Recordings Captured on Night Vision Camera shows Bizarre Behavior of UFOs

Witness Report of Encounter with UFO including Video Recording Evidence

UFOs in Night Vision Recordings are remarkable. If you are like me, you have been out on many a clear night, watched the stars for movement, and spotted high altitude objects zoom fast into view, often brightening, and keep a straight directional movement across the sky until it dims out of sight as it crosses the terminator into earth shadow. HOW many times have I spilled my hot chocolate down my shirt in excitement at first seeing those satellites..??!!

Sometimes it has been a group of us out with night vision, and then it’s a “Oh my God, loooook..” every minute!! But 9 times out of 10 it is a satellite, or a bug flying skittishly across the field of view. This video is different. An object obviously at high altitude flies rapidly through the night sky, and then begins to curve its trajectory, slowing down. It then brightens, as if the sunlight is catching its widest facing side, and then it dims and keeps changing direction.

We find this footage quite compelling. The OP is an avid sky watcher, and you can hear the wonder in his voice. He is speaking french of course, but I activated the CC in French so hopefully it should translate.

Details: UFO Sighting Video recorded by a witness at night over Marcy, New York. UFO / UAP sightings are on the increase globally, and more serious attention is being given to the mysterious topic of unidentified flying objects in the mainstream news media, especially since the 2017 leaks of US Navy Pilot UFO footage. Nearly everyone carries a cellphone with them in recent years, even in rural areas of third world countries, and as a result more and more UFO sightings videos are being posted to the internet, either through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

CREDIT: YOUTUBER – goldplay54
Date of Sighting: 09.08.20
ORIGINAL Link: https://youtu.be/fSwQCHNLJhY

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