UFOs Mexico and New York USA Sightings captured on Video

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UFOs Mexico and New York USA – Objects Captured on Video

Two UFO videos shot by witnesses in different countries

UFOs Mexico and New York USA witness sightings captured on video camera, here are the details of these UFO sightings…

Incident 1 – Mexico City, Mexico
SOURCE: YouTuber Armando Moreno
Link: https://youtu.be/MPLW0_8v4bU
Witness Description and Details:
None at this time.

Incident 2 – Yonkers, NY
SOURCE: MUFON Submission Case #: 112308
Witness Description and Details:
“After seeing the 10 objects slowly moving over me I decided to run up to my apt. and grab my iPad to capture some evidence.  When I got back outside most of them had moved across the street and out of sight behind the building across the street. but, there were still three that I videoed moving east following the others.  After that I was talking to one of my witnesses and then we saw another bright orange object coming again from NJ over the Hudson River following the same flight path!  We then watched approximately five more appear and move across the Hudson River in our direction but, slightly south.  One of the witnesses and I were both quite excited and you can hear it in our voices.  I will make a painting of this event to give you a better representation of what I really saw with my eyes.  The video didn’t really capture the way they really appeared.  They were not little lights, they were fairly large glowing objects.  Other people must have seen these things, I hope others will report it.
I called the Yonkers Police about an hour later and they said they had no other reports.”

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