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UFOs with Amy AlienGirl111 being ‘All About’ the UFO Mystery..!!

Episode 1 – How interest in the UFO topic can Change your Life – March 6, 2021

UFOs with Amy AlienGirl111 is the topic of this first episode of Shifting the Paradigm, your show host Cristina Gomez interviews Amy AlienGirl111, a UFO Enthusiast, YouTuber, and Researcher who resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Years back, if you were to ask around—friends, family, and co-workers, what they thought the typical UFO investigator looked like, you’d probably get a description of one or more of the following stereotypes:

  1. The tin foil hat wearing conspiracy guy who likes to be called Mulder
  2. The bespectacled suit wearing nerd always carrying binoculars
  3. The basement dwelling keyboard warrior who is always on the dark web
  4. The awkward kid who is always in the library

The Paradigm has shifted however, in recent years, due mainly in part to the inspirational efforts of investigative journalists Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and 

In the few years since the release of that article, and 3 key UFO sighting video footage segments, released and verified by the Department of Defense, the topic has gained so much momentum in the public arena, with ongoing and escalating serious mainstream media coverage, as well as becoming a focus of many Representatives in the House and Senate.

Now, the stereotypes, and overall view of UFO researchers and enthusiasts has changed significantly. It’s a hot topic that many media personalities want to cover in their chat shows, guest panels, and news features.

UFOs with Amy AlienGirl111

The perception of the nerdy UFOlogist stereotype has faded considerably in the last few years.

This really has become an incredible time to be openly involved in the UFO / UAP topic. Simple searches across the internet will bring results showing an increasing rise in podcast shows dedicated entirely to the subject.

What is lacking though, is the participation of females in the reporting, and coverage of the topic.
Fortunately, this is changing.

During the Livestream, Cristina talks UFOs with Amy AlienGirl111 focusing on her interests, and then cover various aspects of the UFO mystery. From the alleged Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash and retrieval, to possible evidence being held back by government agencies of not only wreckage but possible alien bodies.

The theme of this show is centered on how the UFO topic can change your life, in many dramatic ways, and the chat will feature time spent covering how one’s perception, and paradigm can be shifted by just contemplating the vastness of the universe, and the possibilities of alien life on other worlds.

LinkTree to all of Amy’s Social Mediahttps://linktr.ee/aliengirl111

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