UFOs with Undead Gaucho on SHIFTING the PARADIGM

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UFOs with Undead Gaucho and other High Strangeness in Argentina

Episode 5 – When Humans have their Paradigm Shifted by Incredible Mysteries

UFOs with Undead Gaucho – In this Episode of Shifting the Paradigm, Cristina Gomez spends an hour talking UFOs with Undead Gaucho, an Argentina based Researcher. Recounting his own history with the UFO topic, he also talks about hot spots and specific stories of interest in and around Argentina.

UFO Researcher The Undead Gaucho – John – has his own YouTube channel where he delves deep into many mysteries of the paranormal, with an emphasis on the topic of UFOs and extraordinary events concerning these objects in South American nations, as well as Argentina and other countries.

John is a photographer, filmmaker, and paranormal researcher living in Buenos Aires.

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