YouTube Censorship or Strategy..?

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1843 Views 4.73 On 15 Ratings Rate it

YouTube Censorship or Strategy..?

In an unexpected & bizarre move, YouTube removed my channel with no explanation…

YouTube Censorship or Strategy – that’s what I am wondering.

*UPDATE – YouTube reinstated my account after 13 hours, still with no specific explanation of what happened.

I awoke early, to find that at 4:00am PST YouTube had emailed me saying that they had removed my channel without giving a specific reason or pointing out a specific offense. I set about immediately appealing this action.

My channel had no copyright strikes, no community violations, and no warnings – and so the appeal form asked me why I thought the account had been ‘Removed in error’, to which I replied “I have no understanding of why you would remove it, you have provided no reasoning.”

Now, during the time I have been running that channel, I have kept up with all of the content provider chatter in various community platforms and on Reddit; and it seems that I am not alone with this kind of action when dealing with a handful of subjects thrown into a ‘Grey Basket’ of conspiracy, political extremism, and hateful content channels.

Am I the first channel focused on the UFO topic that has received this kind of removal..? No.
But I hardly think my channel was a threat to anyone, and I hardly think that it could have been considered a channel that could be classified as one spreading lies, or conspiracy theories, or providing edgy, or whistle-blowing information.

So what is it then..?
I have to believe it was only a coincidence that the next Livestream episode which would of been later today, was “The Dulce Mystery”.
I’m not going to fall into any crazy conspiracy about that, but, I can’t help but wonder now if I got on somebody’s radar.

All of you who know my channel, know that it wasn’t in any way controversial.
So, all I can do now is wait for the appeal to be replied to.

I have kept an archive of every show, so I haven’t lost anything. I will now look into Vimeo as a primary video hosting portal, although that is a pricey option, content creators have a lot more guarantees and control over their content.
I’ll also be looking into YouTube competitors.

Even if they come back and re-instate my channel, from this point on, all this has served to do is make me more determined, more resilient, and more enterprising in how I distribute my content, and carry on with my mission for Paradigm Shifts, and the shows.

Today’s show will be recorded, and the audio recording will primarily go out over my podcast platforms later today.
*Update: The video feed will go out to Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch today instead of YouTube.

the dulce mystery
I will change up my Beacons Page link list to reflect any changes as soon as they occur.

For now, all the past shows and all shows going forward can be found in audio podcast format here: 

For episodes of Shifting the Paradigm only on the ‘X’ – KUNX Network:

So, to conclude; be it censorship, a strategy of discrediting either the UFO topic, or something more targeted at me directly – it’s not going to stop me.
As I always say, “I have questions, and I want answers.”
I believe the UFO topic, and the question of possible extraterrestrial visitation to our world is the most crucially important area to focus on for us as a species that will one day become a space-faring civilization.

Rather than become angry, or upset, or attached to any notions of foul play, I will just keep doing what I am doing with renewed vigor and curiosity – and I will keep everyone updated here on this website, and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as to what transpires with regards to the channel, and other Video distribution platforms.

I have invested too much time, energy, and scant financial resources into making Paradigm Shifts, and the shows.

If the YouTube channel is not re-instated, I will be doing a major facelift to this website so it can actually host my videos as well.
I do love a challenge..!!

Thanks for everyone who has been supportive, and encouraging. The mission will go on.



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1843 Views 4.73 On 15 Ratings Rate it


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